Recycled fiber

"The meeting of environment and innovation, for a better future with recycled fibers"

JCGC is a company that prioritizes environmental protection and strives to reprocess waste plastics into high-quality fibers.

We care about the environment and strive to contribute to reducing environmental pollution by producing eco-friendly products.

Plastic bottles and other waste collected from the ocean and land are collected and converted into advanced recycled fibers. These fibers reduce the negative impact on the environment and conserve resources.

JCGC offers a diverse product lineup and meets the diverse needs of customers with environmentally friendly materials and innovative designs. We also minimize the environmental impact of our production processes.

상호(법인)명 :  (주) JCGC INC.  |  대표자명 : 권용준  |  사업자번호 : 887-81-03247 
주소 : 경기도 하남시 미사강변한강로165, 현대클러스터 한강미사3차 AA0803
E-mail : shkwon@jcgckr.com